Eye Fresh Cream

Eye Fresh Cream

Cream Eye Fresh with a unique metal Cryo-massage applicator. The rich formula effectively reduces eye puffiness, brightening the eyes in the morning and refreshing them in the evening. The new applicator is specifically designed for the sensitive eye contours and eyelids, delivering the proprietary complex of nurturing ingredients specifically where needed, resulting in the eye area looking younger and rested.

Skin Type: All Skin Types

Treatment Type: Apply as Needed

Key Ingredients:

Veinofresh – A complex of refreshing active ingredients that effectively combat eye puffiness and dark circles with these key components:

Caffeine to help reduce puffiness

Horse Chestnut Extract to tone and reduce dark circles by helping boost microcirculation and protecting capillaries

Dermochlorella to help reduce dark circles by decongesting the eye area

Hydrocyte Complex – A moisturizing complex that helps prevent dehydration

Mango and Avocado – Protect and soothe sensitive skin