Luxe Lift Eye Cream

The rich and silky texture of this cream nourishes the dry and delicate skin around the eyes. Ophthalmologically tested.

The formula of Cell Shock Luxe-Lift Eye Cream contains:

  • Marine Collagen: hydrolyzed collagen effectively hydrates and provides line-filling benefits.
  • Bio-Mimetic Growth Factors 3%: growth factors only botanical mimic the expression of FGF-2 (Fibroblast Growth Factor), which intensely activates dermal synthesis and increases collagen production.
  • Gold and Silk Complex: colloidal gold helps stabilize collagen and improves blood circulation. By combining colloidal gold with fibroin (protein from silk) through bio-technological processes, a complex is obtained that protects the skin's native collagen.
  • Haloxyl ™ : this pharmaceutical grade complex decreases the degradation resulting from hemoglobin and the formation of blue /violet subcutaneous pigments (= haemoglobin oxidation);
  • Cellactel Complex 2: the unique complex of the Cell Shock line assists in all essential skin functions, while helping to revitalize the skin.