OLIGOPUR Purifying Cleansing Gel

Combination Skin Cleanser

Our cleanser for oily, congested and acne-prone skin has been updated with Phytomer’s newest, most-effective, marine bio-tech ingredient Absolute Marine Matifier (AMM). AMM is an innovative polymerized sugar produced by a micro algae. This ingredient forms an invisible layer on the skin’s surface and absorbs excess oil as it is produced to keep the skin balanced, mattified and free of imperfections throughout the day. A major dose of Oligomer®, a desalinated freeze-dried seawater concentrate, helps to energize the skin to prevent a dull skin tone, while boosting cellular functions.


Normaline: Purifying and anti-bacterial.
Protease: Enzymatic exfoliant. 


"Ideal for young skin. Work up a lather in the palm of your hand, morning and/or evening. Apply to face and neck with ciruclar movements. Rinse and tone."